October 30, 2016


I have some bad news.

Due to deteriorating market conditions for independent consulting I was forced to take a full-time job several months back, and I have had less and less time to devote to JMRTech.

I’ve made the difficult decision to wind down my web and email hosting, and to shut down JMRTech at the end of this calendar year.

We will have a little bit of leeway at the end of the year, but we do have a hard deadline of January 11th for email migration, as that is the date that McAfee will be ending their SaaS spam scanning service, which those of you using JMRTech for email have been relying on.

I will assist all of you who require it in moving your services off, and rest assured everything will continue to operate normally through the end of the year and a bit beyond; we will continue our existing relationships with Amazon, Linode, McAfee, and other companies until then.

Domain registrations made through JMRTech will continue to be valid throughout the period for which you’ve paid (even if that’s years into the future). You have the option of leaving your registration with the OpenSRS system (for which we are a reseller) or transferring it to any other domain registrar you prefer. We recommend Hover, operated by the parent company of OpenSRS, Tucows.

For those of you using JMRTech for email, you have several options. The two I’d recommend you look at are Google (“G Suite”) and Fastmail. Google’s interface is well known to most people, being identical to gmail, and Fastmail may be suitable for those more concerned about privacy issues.

Thank you ALL for your business over the years; a couple of you have been with me the whole seventeen year run, and I really do appreciate it.


John Rumpelein
Owner, jmrtech.com